Friday, October 22, 2010

Archan Praktuan

Leklai is probably one of the most famous sacred substances in Thailand.
It is believed that this particular sacred substance can release magic powers in a variety of ways but particularly in helping worshippers from danger and expelling dangerous enemies or animals.

                                         Archan Praktuan's locket @ $88
A girl in thailand was wearing this piece of amulet from Archan praktuan and remains unhurt after getting into an serious accident and her car was badly damaged but she's not.She went back to see Archan the following day and was told  that there's ghost disturbing her along that road as they wanted someone to accompany them there, archan , a "holy bath" was performed for them to clear away their back luck .Lucky escape for her.

This batch of amulets made in 09/09/11on Luang Phor Pratuan's Birthday
Made from Leklai Powder, Melted Leklai liquid, stone rice and Relics of Lersi
Specially for prevention against all weapons which is ideal for police or soldiers who are always at the risk of being killed
The Testing of this leklai amulet with strong protective powers on acid!!!

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